Chiara Perfectly Covers Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” on The Voice Kids


Avril Lavigne is one tough act to follow! Although many have attempted to cover her songs, most fail to pay proper homage. This video showcases the amazing performance of Chiara on The Voice Kids. When the opening lines of the music begin, the judges are prepared to enjoy the performance. When Chiara begins singing, the judges and the audience are completely blown away by her skills!

Seeing young children with such talent is exciting to watch. She performs every nuance of the song perfectly, without missing a beat. She even hits the higher notes with ease, proving she is a performer that has skill well beyond her age. As you check out this video, you are sure to want to sing along, just like the judges did. There is something about Avril’s “Complicated” that makes you want to belt out the words. After you have watched this great performance, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!

The Voice Kids