Chicken Farmer Exposes the Industry and Sheds Light on How They are Raised


When you watch this PBS video, it may change the way you look at packages of chicken at the grocery store. Unfortunately, the chicken business has become a big business venture and farmers are being controlled in the way they are able to raise the chickens. When you see the deplorable conditions these chickens are raised under, you may think twice before you purchase grocery store chicken again! This is one of those videos everyone needs to see so awareness can be raised.

Although it is against the rules for these farmers to show the inside of their chicken houses, this farmer goes against the rules because he wants people to know about how the chickens are being treated, along with the farmers. Big changes need to be made to stop this animal abuse and allow farmers to grow chickens in a more humane manner. If this video opened your eyes, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be informed.

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