Children and Drunk People Don’t Lie


You know what they say, children and drunk people do not lie. This video, which is close to reaching the two million views, shows a drunk lady being arrested for going over the speed limit which resulted in her crashing against a vehicle in which the driver of it died.

Without knowing that her actions had killed someone, she automatically told the officer that she had crashed because she was going over the speed limit. This woman was arrested on the spot. When she was told the true colors of her actions, she immediately began to cry, but her remorseful soul turned sour.

Yes, it turned ugly after that. This female began to curse at the police officer as if there was no tomorrow. She told him that the driver she crashed into didn’t die because of her actions. This drunk lady wanted to go back to the future, as she began to ask the police officer what would had happened if she was going at the speed limit.

How many times does the government need to promote ‘don’t drink and drive?’ Apparently…many more times. Watch this video and witness this drunk lady for yourself, and share it on Facebook.