Chimps, Tigers and Wolves…Oh My!


But not in the scary and menacing way! Watch these adorable, cuddly friends wrestle, romp and play with one another. It is clear the chimp is the “ring leader” who wants to play with everyone. If you want cute, it doesn’t get much cuter than what you see right here.

Capturing a video for the sake of just making you smile – yes, that is exactly what this video has accomplished. If you are ready to spend the next two to three minutes “ooing and awing” then watch this chimp, along with his lion and wolf friends play and romp together.

All babies and curious about one another. They see no differences in each other, just a fun friend to play with and the chimp definitely makes the most of the situation, pulling everyone back in if they try to get away. Share this video right now with all your friends and family on Facebook to make them feel all soft and gooey inside!

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