Chinese Girl Hypnotises Animals on Live TV

In this video, a young Chinese girl appears to hypnotize a variety of animals on a talent show broadcast on live televison. During the performance, she manages to hypnotize a dog, a lizard, a rabbit, a chicken and and a frog – they are all laid out motionless on their backs.

The girl, who is five years old, talks to and strokes the animals to hypnotize them, to the amazement of the crowd and judges who appear stunned by her skills. After all five animals are under her control, she proceeds to shout, which wakes all of the animals up again simultaneously. At one point, the act appears to go wrong as the dog wakes up, however, the girl’s soft words quickly sends it back to sleep.

The talent show, which is called ‘Amazing Chinese’, is broadcast by China Central Television Station – China’s premier state-owned broadcaster.

The video has gone viral since its release in early August 2015, and has currently been viewed nearly 60 million times on Facebook. Please share this video on Facebook.

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