Christmas Light Tribute to the Troops: A Spectacular Light Show Like You’ve Never Seen


No one give more to our country than our troops and our veterans, but many people tend to forget at Christmas time, that they may very well be the reason we are able to celebrate the holiday season every year as we see fit. Freedom is a beautiful thing, and this video is a stunning tribute to all that sacrifice their time, their bodies and their lives to help keep our country safe and strong.

This Christmas light montage is set to a few patriotic songs, including, “Proud to Be an American,” “The Halls of Montezuma,” “Anchor’s Away,” and more. But, what’s truly impressive is the way the whole light show is put together. This home must have thousands upon thousands of lights decorating the entire home. Their on every inch of the roof, on every bush, every tree, and every window, and just about everywhere else you can think of putting some lights.

Shining brightly and appearing as if to dance to the music being played, this red, white and blue light show is truly amazing. The best part? The giant flag that’s placed on top. The people who put this together really did a spectacular job – right down to the end, where everything goes dark except our wonderful American flag. This is one of the best holiday videos I”ve ever seen, and you’ll think so, too. So after watching, please show your respect to troops an veterans everywhere by sharing this on Facebook.