Christmas Tree Vendor Is Selling $1000 Christmas Trees In New York City!


Most people would not be willing to shell out the big bucks this Christmas tree vendor is asking for. In this video, you will meet a vendor who is selling 16-foot Korean Firs for $1000! She says the high price comes from them taking twenty years to grow to that height and being cared for and pruned. Can you imagine paying that much for a tree that will only last a short amount of time?

As the reporter speaks with the vendor, you will not believe the prices on these trees. One tree that looks pretty small will cost you about $450! Even the tiniest of trees is $75! Whoever is paying big bucks for these trees must certainly have money to burn. The sad thing is, all of these trees will end up on the curb right after Christmas! Check out this shocking video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can view.