Classic Clip Involving Lucy and Ricky Singing and Dancing and the Song Cuban Pete and Sally Sweet


I Love Lucy is one of the most famous shows in television history. It continues to be a household name several decades after it premiered, even if a lot of younger people today have never actually seen an episode of the show. In this clip, people will see Lucy and Ricky themselves singing and dancing to the classic song Cuban Pete and Sally Sweet.

The clip manages to communicate a lot about the era at any given second. People today will have to adjust to the black and white presentation and the grainy quality of the video clip. They’re also going to get a sense of the fashion and style of the time, as well as the style of music that was popular at that point. This video manages to be a very immersive experience as a result. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is going to appeal to classic television fans and history fans.