A Classic Video with a Lot of Meaning


This little video is of a classic song by the band Nirvana and was filmed by MTV in 1993. It has the lyrics to the song that is being sung, “Come as you are” on the screen during the entire song. Here we get to see Kurt Cobain as he was singing his best with a song that was full of meaning. This whole video was filmed as an unplugged event with the band Nirvana playing in the middle of a stage full of people and no electronics behind them. His guitar is plugged in to amplify the sound so the whole audience can hear it, but nothing else is plugged in for any other instruments, nor is the sounds amplified for a large audience either.

The world has already mourned the loss of Kurt Cobain when he supposedly took his own life, some still do as you can read the comments below the video. What most people do agree on is that this was a classic song that was done by an artist who was misunderstood. This video is a great way to pay homage to his voice and his music that inspired many other bands to follow. Please SHARE on Facebook and let the world know what a great song this is.

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