Clever Cat Opens The Door To Let The Dogs In


Clever Cat Opens The Door To Let The Dogs In
Everyone knows cats are superior to dogs. At least, that is what they think! This cat is outside with the dogs and is wanting inside just like they are. He has found a clever way to take care of that problem. When his owner does not immediately come to the door to open it, the cat takes matters into his own hands. He jumps up and unlatches the sliding glass door and then opens it so everyone can come inside.

It is adorable to see this clever cat in action. He tries one way that does not work and then he remembers he needs to open the latch so the glass door will slide open. These dogs do not realize how lucky they are to have such a clever friend! Although it appears the cat was being kind, he was really just serving his own needs! Enjoy this cute video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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