Clever Parents of College Kids Get Their Revenge Through These Hilarious Text Messages


This video shows a Steve Harvey segment on some clever parents and how they got revenge on their college-age kids. The funny exchanges that take place between the kids and their parents will have you in stitches! What is truly so funny about this ending segment of the show, is these text conversations actually occurred and were sent in by Steve’s audience. As you watch this video, don’t be surprised if you think of your own revenge texts!

You will love watching this video as Steve reads each hilarious text conversation. The first one will have you in tears because it is truly so hilarious! The audience rolls with laughter at each funny text dialog and you will too. Because parents are parents for life, there is no reason we cannot have fun with our kids! After all, they have certainly put us through the ringer a time or two! Check out this hilarious Steve Harvey video and Please SHARE on Facebook so the fun can be spread!