Clever Squirrel Teases Dog as They Play a Game of Chase Around the Tree


This clever squirrel is clearly one of the smartest you have ever seen! In this video, he is evading a playful dog as the two chase each other around the tree. Each time the dog thinks he has the squirrel, the squirrel outsmarts him and runs to the other side just in time. This adorable game of cat and mouse is one that will surely have you laughing! It is clear these two are enjoying themselves as one works to pursue and one works to evade.

This little squirrel is not the least bit worried about facing the wrath of the dog. He clearly has the advantage of intelligence working on his side and does not mind that the dog does not give up. He allows himself just enough time to wait it out to make the dog think he has him and then he zooms away, leaving the dog confused. If you think this video is too cute for words, Please SHARE on Facebook.