A Closer Look at Where Laboratory Chimpanzees Go In Order To Live Out The Rest of Their Lives


Lots of chimpanzees have been used in lab testing at different points throughout their lives. Many of these chimpanzees have now been relocated to places like the area portrayed in this video in order to live out their elderly lives. This video portrays this veritable chimpanzee retirement home as a sort of paradise for chimpanzees.

In this area, chimpanzees who have been in captivity for such a long time will be able to enjoy climbing in the trees and spending time with some of their fellow chimpanzees in a social capacity. They have a great deal of open space in this retirement area, and the chimpanzees are able to enjoy conditions that are better than those that they would find in their native habitats. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it raises some interesting questions about animal rights, and it is great to see chimpanzees enjoy this sort of freedom.

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