This Cockatoo Can’t Get Enough Of Elvis


If you love birds, you are going to want to watch this video and see how adorable this beautiful cockatoo is. When the man begins singing Elvis Presley’s hit, “Don’t Be Cruel” you will not be able to help but smile. He absolutely loves this song and the way he dances will have you laughing out loud. This cockatoo loves to rock it out. You can tell when he first starts feeling the jam and it is hilarious!

Soon, the cockatoo is full-out head banging to Elvis, something fans have likely never seen. It is so funny to see him thoroughly enjoying his favorite song. It is also funny to see the bird that is sitting beside him who is not quite feeling the music just yet. Do not miss out on this charming video and watch this sweet cockatoo jam out to his favorite Elvis hit. After you enjoy, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.