Cockatoo Tries To Prevent His Owner From Overspending


Pickles the Cockatoo is a thrifty spender who does not like his owner wasting money. When she picks up a bird chew toy, he immediately seizes it and will not allow her to purchase it. When she tells him not to drop it, he immediately does and begins fussing at her over her spending. Though you cannot tell what he is saying, it is clear he is giving her a piece of his mind!

Seeing this short video is sure to bring a big smile to your face. The actions of this cockatoo are just so funny, you will not be able to stop watching. This bird is the perfect shopping companion if you are on a budget and need to watch your money because he will not allow you to spend more than you have. Pickles is the thriftiest bird on the planet! Check out this cute video and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.