Cockatoo Trips Out Every Time She Hears A Tapping Noise


The cockatoo in this video is so hilarious and is full of so much personality, you will want to keep watching her, just to see what she will do next. This playful bird loves to trip out and will start headbanging every time she hears the slightest tapping noise. It is a wonder she doesn’t get whiplash! What an adorable and funny bird she truly is!

Cookie is her name and headbanging is her game. Cookie the Cockatoo loves to jam out but she does not need music to do so. Can you imagine how she would act if she heard a drum solo? If you love birds, you will not be able to get enough of this playful cutie! She is the cutest bird you have ever seen so be sure to watch the entire video so you do not miss any of the fun. Check it out and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.