Colorado Mom Grateful as She Witness Grocery Store’s Kindness


A trip to the grocery store with your children is something most people take for granted – and this video, this devoted mom of a nearly-three year-old girl with cerebral palsy know it all too well. But, this day, things were different. Rather than mother, Melody, battling both wheelchair and cart as she was so often accustomed, she found out just how much the people at this store care.

As Melody and her beautiful blond-haired daughter Beatrice entered the King Soopers grocery story in Loveland, CO, they were greeted with an amazing surprise: a special grocery cart designed for children with disabilities. Greeted by the manager and a groups of caring employees, Melody is dumbfounded as she realized just how much these people care.

Know from here on out at “Beatrice’s Cart,” this Colorado mom – and no doubt many others – will be eternally grateful for the consideration given to their special circumstances. Not only that, but Beatrice will finally be able to enjoy leisurely trips to the grocery store just like any other kid. Please SHARE this touching story on Facebook