A Comedic and Entertaining Speech that Addresses the Subject of Bullying


Many middle schools are still suffering from the problem of chronic bullying. A lot of kids are entirely socially isolated, stunting their social development and making it very difficult for them to get a good start in life. Speeches like this one might manage to turn that situation around, since they help raise awareness about the problems involving bullying and social isolation.

The speaker in this video is very charismatic, and manages to approach the issue in the manner of an energetic comedian. Middle school kids who would be bored by a speech on a similar topic if a principal delivered it appear to be entranced. Still, the speech manages to contain some important information and some important lessons. Hopefully, it is the sort of speech that will really make a difference in terms of the life at this particular middle school. People on Facebook would love this video, whether they’re in school or not.

A Giano

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