A Comedy Masterpiece: Carol Burnett and Robin Williams in “The Funeral”


This hilarious comedy piece featuring Carol Burnett and Robin Williams is taken from the 1987 TV show Carol, Carl, Whoopi & Robin. The sketch focusses on Burnett, who is at the funeral of her husband, and Williams, who plays the role of Marcus, a guest who becomes increasingly unwelcome as the sketch goes on.

Williams is an eccentric character who takes everything literally, and was unable to take the hint when asked to leave. The service increasingly descends into farce as the two begin screaming in unison together, after which Burnett has a change of heart and thanks Williams.

The sketch was received so well by the audience that they were asked to perform it again, and the second version is also shown in the video. The show was a one-off special and won two Primetime Emmys – Williams won the Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program award.

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