This Concrete Loves to Drink Up Tons of Water and Could Be the Answer to Urban Flooding!


If you have never seen concrete drink up over 600 liters of water a minute, then you must see this video! This video introduces Topmix Permeable, a concrete application that is so thirsty it can handle a cement truck full of water in only a matter of a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, urban areas can often become flooded simply because there is not much grass and soil to absorb the water. With this new invention, urban areas can be treated with a special absorbent concrete so urban flooding problems can become a thing of the past.

This is one of those amazing videos that just seems to hypnotize you! Where does all that water go? It is amazing to see the concrete quickly absorb the vast amounts of water being thrown at it. Imagine the implications this could have on the world! Make sure to SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook so they can see it for themselves!
DailyMail Online