She Was Condemned To Death, But When They Came Around


No one knows when luck strikes his or her way!

Every animal has a right to live an honorable life however, bad, dangerous, big, or small it might be. There are many real stories on how animals have been rescued from unfavorable harsh conditions.

The story below gives a clear notion of why there should be rescue organizations around the world like; World Animal Awareness Society, that rescues all endangered animals.

Within the video, we meet Moma, a pit bull who has experienced a harsh life because of his merciless owner in Houston, Texas. While on a guard operation, the rescuers of Operation Houston Program, came discovered Moma in anabandoned house which acted as his hideout. Moma was flushed out of his hideout with the help of two watchful protectors and the rescuers while being given food in a tow.

During the rescue, he was in a bad health condition but as we speak, her health has drastically improved.

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