Conscientious Teen Repays a Debt Because His Father Robbed a Grieving Widow


Christian Lunsford is not your average teen! In this video, you will hear how he is working to make a difference in a life his own Father nearly destroyed. As an elderly woman was visiting the grave of her newly deceased husband of sixty years, the unthinkable happened and she was robbed of over $700. Unfortunately, Christian’s Father was the mugger! His Father had barely been in his life and suddenly sent him the money he needed to go on a band trip.

Christian believed the money he was given may have come from the robbery of the elderly woman. Instead of looking the other way and going on his trip, he wanted to meet with the woman and return the money to her. With tears in her eyes, she accepted the money and hugged the young man, not believing such kindness still existed in the world! When she hands the money right back to him, your heart will melt! This video proves human kindness is still alive and well. After you have watched this video, Please SHARE on Facebook!

CBS News