This Construction Worker Does Frank Sinatra Proud


This video called Gary Russo – 2nd Ave New York City Construction Worker – Sinatra singer – ORIGINAL VIDEO is amazing. Gary is a construction worker and he sounds just like Frank Sinatra.

The video of his dulcimer tones in the middle of a construction zone in front of the 2nd Avenue Subway where he works and sings during his lunch hour was uploaded on Aug. 1, 2011. Since that date, it has received 1,318,611 views.

He says that he’s just trying to give back a little bit and my guess is that many people appreciate his entertainment in the middle of a busy New York day. His rendition of “Summer Wind” is beautiful. Old Blue Eyes is probably looking down now onto the subway in New York and loving it.

This guy is a breath of fresh air on any day in any city, but especially in New York, where bad things seem to be happening every day and nobody seems to care. Well, Gary does and he just wants to make people happy. When you watch this video, you’ll smile, too, or maybe sing along.