Cool Grandpa Sings Justin Beiber’s “Baby”


When the young girls in this video asked their grandpa to sing for them, they put him in front of the computer and had him perform Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. This video is going to make you laugh from the very minute the grandpa starts singing. It is so fun to watch him in action and he sings so well, you might just prefer his version over the original!

This grandpa has it all together and is cooler than any grandpa you have ever seen! He knows all the right words to get the ladies. It is awesome that he was willing to do this and have fun with his granddaughters. This is a video memory they will always treasure, even after he is gone. Don’t you wish you had a grandpa that was this fun? Watch this adorable video, sing along with grandpa and then Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.

Shelbi Nierop