Cops Abuse Their Power and Beats up a School Child


What should you do if you find that your child has been beaten up by a police officer? This video features a disturbing portrayal of a police officer misusing his power and physically abusing a school child. The reason for such behaviour is not clear in the video.

It shows a cop approaching a dark skinned child sitting on a bench in a class when he suddenly he starts manhandling the child and beats him up badly. These extremely disturbing video tells us just how police can turn out to be a nightmare for normal citizens.

Instances of power abuse by the police have happened in the past but what’s shown here is shocking because the victim is a mere school kid. What’s worse is that the teacher and other students are mute spectators to this incident. The school in question here is Spring Valley High school.

Such harassment by the police needs to stop and such videos can effectively spread awareness among the people and administration. In most such cases of harassment by the police, the accused cop gets away because of lack of evidence. In this case however that wouldn’t have been the case. Watch it and please SHARE it on Facebook to tell others about it.

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