Cops Caught Dancing on Elevator Camera


Working in law enforcement might seem like a tough job, especially for those that have been doing it for a long time. It can make you wonder if these officers have a sense of humor at times, or if there is a way for them to relax. The investigations officer that enters the elevator in the orange shirt sure knows how to let it loose in this video however, and is not afraid to show it. Probably because he doesn’t realize it has been captured on camera.

When he gets into the elevator and starts to listen to the music he starts dancing. Of course eventually someone else gets on the elevator as well, and he stops. Being as silly as he is he starts dancing again and the other officer soon joins in. Again the elevator stops to pick up another passenger and this time they both stop. Pretty soon there are three of them dancing in the elevator all at once. A fourth passenger gets on, who happens to be taller than the rest of them and they all stop.

While they are riding the elevator with four of them, the new entry decides he is going to start dancing, much to the delight of the other three. It’s a hilarious little video that shows that cops can have fun too.