A Couple That Was Brave Enough to Sit In a Theater Full of Bikers


This video portrays a commercial cinematic prank in which a movie theater that is absolutely filled with bikers has only two remaining seats left. Several different couples enter the theater, surveying the scene all the while. Knowing that they’ll have to spend the duration of the movie in a room full of bikers, the couples decide to leave. Some of them do so immediately, and some of them hesitate and change their minds about staying.

At the end of the video, a couple finally takes the remaining two seats. At that point, the spotlight turns to them and all of the bikers in the audience immediately start clapping and cheering for them, handing them beer in the process. The video provides a nice demonstration of people being deceived by appearances, for better or for worse. People on Facebook would love this video, and they would all interpret it in different ways.

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