Couple Cannot Stop Laughing As Groom’s Father Loses His Pants!


They say a marriage will last forever if something goes wrong in the ceremony! This video is truly hilarious because it features a wedding taking place between a man and his soon-to-be bride. As the groom’s father is standing there to watch the two say their wedding vows, his pants suddenly come crashing down, revealing his boxers. When the bride, groom, and wedding party see this happen, they begin to laugh with uncontrollable laughter they cannot seem to hide.

It is so funny to see this couple trying to make it through saying their vows without laughing. The more they try to stifle the laughter, the louder it seems to get. The groom is wearing a microphone and has one of the funniest giggles you have ever heard! If you are having a bad day, this is certainly a video that will make it much brighter. Check out the fun and Please SHARE on Facebook.