Couple And Dog Feed 30 Stray Felines Three Times A Day, On A Daily Basis!


Fay and Dionisis are a couple who live in Greece. Three and a half years ago, they had adopted a pooch by the name of Meli. Together, they would go for a walk three times a day. One day, they couple brought in a street cat who kept them company always but had fallen sick. This had no issue with Meli as he was used to cats when they used to go out to feed them three times a day.

Surprisingly, if Meli was not with the couple, the cats would refuse the food, showing that they had become strong friends with the dog, something uncommon between cats and dogs.
The couple’s mission is to control the number of cats in the area by conducting vasectomy to the majority of them, approximately 99% of them. Also, they issue dry cat food so as to keep the environment clean.
Currently, they couple are giving out cats for adoption because of the confidence created between them and the cats.

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