Couple With Dwarfism Flies To China To Adopt Their New Son


Kara and Adam Ayers is a couple just like any other but there is one thing that holds them apart from the rest. Both of them were born with dwarfism and thought they would be unable to have a child. Thankfully, they were able to have a beautiful daughter. With the pregnancy being so rough, they knew they could not try again because the health risks were too high so they decided to adopt. This video shows them being united with their new son, who also has dwarfism.

This is one of those videos that instantly causes you to feel emotional. It is such a joy to be able to see the look on Eli’s face when his new mom and dad come and pick him up. It is clear this family is full of so much love and joy and Eli is going to fit right in! Check out this beautiful story and Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy the video.