A Couple of Friends Manage To Sneak Into a Move Theater By Pretending to Be One Person


Sneaking into movie theaters is a time-honored tradition, and these two guys have managed to find an innovative way of doing so. Most people who sneak into movie theaters will just use misdirection. These two guys manage to sneak into a movie theater through the clever use of costumes.

One friend manages to hide inside the other guy’s jacket in such a way that he seems to be a part of the main person’s body. It just looks like the main person is a quite large man. With creative uses of costumes, the two of them manage to get one ticket for two people as the main guy simply poses as a large and awkward moviegoer.

It is a daring stunt that pays off, for better or for worse. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly an entertaining and daring presentation that might make them think.

Bo Johnson