Couple Gives Birth to Not One But Two Pairs of Identical Twins


Many couples have problems giving birth to kids. In fact, the problem has got so bad, with a modern lifestyle that makes it hard to conceive, that couples often have to resort to fertility clinics.

So, imagine the surprise of this couple when they found out that they didn’t just have a twin coming their way, but two identical twins! A true story, the couple had problems with conceiving in the beginning and so had to visit a fertility clinic. And now, they had two pairs of identical twins, two boys and two girls. Now, they are one of the happiest parents you would come across, father and mother to not one but four beautiful kids.

That does seem a wonderful news, and for couples who have difficulty conceiving, this news holds a lot of importance. It tells us that we should never give up and that going to a fertility clinic can actually help.

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