A Couple of Horses Share Some Hay Together After The First Horse Brings It to Both of Them


The sight of animals acting as if they are both really romantically involved has a way of being inherently adorable. The first horse in this video goes trotting across the field with some hay in his mouth, which he promptly begins to share with another horse. They both end up standing and eating the hay together.

The sight of horses bringing one another food is already cute. Imagining that this is taking place between a couple in a way that humans would recognize is particularly cute. Horses are typically quiet animals, and these two manage to communicate quite a lot completely soundlessly. This is the sort of moment that manages to capture quite a lot between the both of them very quickly. This is the sort of video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since a lot of their fellow Facebook users would also think that it was an adorable video.
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