Couple From “Married At First Sight” Is Expecting Their First Child!


Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner got married on the very first day they met! They were participants in a special TV show called, Married At First Sight. When you see their story, it will have you stunned. They did not even know one another and were not even attracted to each other when they got married. Now, it has been two years and they could not be more in love. In fact, they are even talking about their pregnancy in this video.

Can you imagine marrying someone you literally just met and being expected to stay with them? It must have been so stressful for both of them! What a crazy experiment this show offers. In this case, it appears to have worked because these two are fully vested in being married and staying married, along with raising their family. This is a video you do not want to miss so Please SHARE on Facebook.