Couple Mixes Up Their First Wedding Dance In Ultimate Style


As the couple in this video is happily dancing their first wedding dance to Peter Gabriel’s “Book of Love”, their wedding guests have no idea what is about to happen. Suddenly the song changes abruptly and they begin dancing to a montage of Pharrell, Chris Brown, and Bruno Mars. Their sexy and quirky dance moves will have you glued to the screen. This couple is truly thrilling to watch and they bring so much fun and excitement to their wedding.

This is one of the best surprise wedding dances you have ever seen and you do not want to miss it. This classy couple is starting their marriage off perfectly. If they keep this up, they will have a long and happy life together! As you listen to each of these songs and see their skillful moves, you will want to watch again and again. If you enjoy this delightful wedding dance, Please SHARE on Facebook.