Couple Was Shocked To Find Out A Serial Killer Once Lived In Their Home


Imagine you have just bought the home of your dreams and are excited to move in. Would you feel the same if you knew a grizzly murder had taken place there? For the people in this video, their plight is just that. After purchasing their home, they later found out two murders had occurred on the property and two bodies were discovered buried in the yard. No one had informed them they were buying a house with a murderous past!

Hearing this story will make you think twice before going out and purchasing a home. In many states, realtors are not required to inform potential buyers about murders or suicides that have occurred on the property. This video suggests contacting the police and researching the property carefully before buying. It would be chilling to know someone had been murdered in a home you are now living in! After you have watched this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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