Couple Who Was Stuck In The Eighties Receives The Makeover Of A Lifetime!


Tim and Wendy are a rock n’ roll couple that has been married for many years. Although they are only in their early forties, they look as if they are much older simply because of their hair! They each had very long hair that was teased and frizzed in the classic eighties style. They had not cut their hair since the 80s and their friends felt it was high time they did. This couple went on the Oprah Show so their looks could be changed. When you see their after look, your jaw will drop to the floor!

This couple looks twenty years younger after their amazing makeover! You will not believe how truly wonderful they both look. Wearing stylish clothing and having their hair cut and styled made a tremendous difference in their appearance. This is an Oprah segment you do not want to miss out on! After enjoying, Please SHARE on Facebook.