A Courageous Young Boy Staging His Own Remembrance Ceremony


Remembering the sacrifices of soldiers during World War Two is very important. Given the content of this video, it is clear that even the youngest citizens still do, and their losses will not be forgotten any time soon. In this video, viewers get to see an eleven-year-old child more or less stage his own remembrance for the fallen soldiers.

The fact that someone so young could be so dedicated is already impressive in its own right. The support that he managed to attract during his own impromptu ceremony managed to be just as impressive. The young boy literally held the American flag straight and saluted until he collapsed, which has a lot of symbolic value by itself. The fact that this video has managed to attract such a following means that his remembrance ceremony is going to reach a lot of people. Many people all over Facebook will find this video inspiring, and they will make his remembrance ceremony that much more widely known.