Crayons can do more than make colors


This man in the video takes three boxes of crayons and does something amazing with them. With helpful suggestions from viewers he is able to make his idea into a working model and it starts with removing the wrappers from the crayons. To do that, he first places the crayons in the freezer for a while and then the paper just slides right off without having to be peeled.

Than with the tools in his garage he proceeds to make them take shape, first by separating them and then by melting them into a block. All of these steps are shown in the video so you can see what he is doing each step of the way. Once the block has cooled, he makes a few cuts and then drills a hole down the middle of it. Than he places it in a machine that will spin it so he can then use carving tools to shape it. The finished product is a very colorful flower vase. This unique look will be different every time it is made due to the crayons and the way they melt.

He does take the time to show you the mess it makes, and to acknowledge those that helped him along the way. Several of the ideas that people sent him were used in the video to make this colorful vase, and he is humble enough not to take all the credit.

Peter Brown