Creative Organic Gardener Grows Tomatoes with Unusual Fertilizer


Organic home gardening is good for the earth and great for the body, but there’s always the problem of choosing a natural fertilizer that will actually be effective. One resourceful gardener decided to experiment with two unusual ingredients to see if they would make growing his tomatoes easier: a whole egg and a banana.

The thought is that burying bananas or eggs in the soil where vegetables are being grown will provide them more nutrients and result in plants that are more resilient and productive. The gardener in the video explains that inspiration for the experiment came from finding out how Native Americans would bury fish carcasses in the soil to make their crops more productive. As the gardener explains the techniques he’ll use, he’s hopeful that using the bananas and eggs as fertilizer will prove to be a smart way to nurture his garden. Watch the video to see if his experiment worked out. Please SHARE it on Facebook if you’re into gardening or want to pass along eco-friendly tips to your friends.

Gary Pilarchik