Creature Finds a Missing Woman and Saves Her


Cara Jones was taking her pit bull named Creature for a walk. What happens on this walk will make the both of them heroes. The woman and the dog were going for a walk in Piscataway when they find a missing woman.
Carmen Mitchell is 89 years old and is suffering from dementia. She went missing from her home. Her son called the police and then started a neighborhood search for his mother. Police even got out a helicopter to look for Carmen but they were having no luck.
Cara and her dog decide to go for a walk and they heard unfamiliar sounds. Creature began to bark at this noise and pull Cara in the direction of this sound. As it turns out Carmen was on the ground. Cara was able to call for help and the older woman was taken to the hospital. She was treated for hypothermia and then was released later on. Thanks to Cara and Creature this story has a happy ending. Please SHARE in Facebook

Will Caldwell