Critics Slam “Hairspray Live” For Its Many Technical Difficulties


While “Hairspray Live” was a star-studded affair, it was not all it could have been, leaving many to be disappointed. As you will see in this video, the voices of the stars were impeccable but the technical difficulties caused a blight on the performance that could not be overcome. At one point in this video, the star of the show is performing when the lights go completely out!

Jennifer Hudson may have been given rave reviews for her performance but the lighting and sound issues caused major problems for critics. This performance was highly anticipated and it is sad the technical issues dampened the brightness of the stars. Even with all of the issues, audiences still enjoyed the performance and were especially happy to see the original star, Ricky Lake make an appearance. You will love seeing clips from this video. Enjoy and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.