Crocheted Granny Squares Are Perfect For Making Afghans


When learning crochet, there are so many stitches it can make your head spin! Thankfully, this video has you covered on one of the easier methods of crochet which creates beautiful granny squares. Once you have completed a variety of colored granny squares, you can piece them all together and create a beautiful afghan for your home. This video is easy to follow and is perfect for the beginner crocheter.

Before you begin watching the video, it is recommended you have your yarn and crochet needle ready. This will allow you to crochet with her in the video so you can learn the method hands-on and by watching. Once you have mastered making granny squares, you can create a variety of beautiful pieces and they make perfect gifts. Though these squares seem complicated, they could not be easier to create. Watch this video and learn the technique and then make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.