Cruelly Abused Puppies Dyed Pink and Left to Die, Then Volunteers Spot them in Forest


A group of good Samaritans were outraged when they found two Samoyed dogs, whose owners had dyed them pink, abandoned in the forest.

When they were just puppies, their owners used them as props in a seaside resort town in Russia to attract tourists and have their photos taken with the poor puppies. However, when they grew up, they became too big to handle and their owners couldn’t be bothered with taking care of them, so they left them in a forest without food or water.

The dogs then separated, but rescuers succeeded to rescue both of them and take them to a shelter in Moscow.

In addition to inflammation and eczema caused by the pink dye, the poor dogs have suffered many injuries. After a first examination, a vet also removed pieces of shrapnel from one of the dogs, and discovered the other had been shot in his ear.

Police were notified and investigation was quickly launched into this horrible case of animal abuse. Activists also urged residents and tourists not to support this couple’s business, who were seen with a new set of colored puppies.

The Samoyeds are shy but “very gentle, obedient and kind,” reported one of the rescuers who transported the pair to Moscow. They were finally able to have the care and feel the love they deserve and were adopted into a forever home.

Watch the video below to see these sweet pups playing and taking advantage of their new leases on life.