A Customer Gets Terrified As A Big Sashimi Fish Jumps Off A Dinner Plate


You love sushi right? It is that rare delicacy that everyone talks about that you couldn’t help it but go and try it out just to see what the fuss is all about. If you have never taken this delicacy, then this video will help you get a picture of what to expect on your dinner plate when you visit that restaurant in the evening.

As you will see, dinner is well served; a big raw fish on a nice plate with some salad and a bowl of probably soup in it. However, this dinner is alive and the fish is trembling on the plate that this customer decides to take a short video.

Believe it or not the dinner jumps off the dinner plate and the person holding the camera is absolutely terrified as they try to jump off the seat. Whether this is a normal scene or not, it is definitely something you have not seen before that you should definitely check out.

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