Cute Corgi Cannot Get Enough Of Sleeping In Each Morning


When you watch this adorable video, you are likely going to be able to relate right away! If you find yourself having a difficult time waking up when your alarm goes off, you are going to find this video quite hilarious! Topi is a Corgi that just cannot find a way to wake up in the morning. He hits the snooze button over and over, snoring away between each snooze.

This adorable video is so funny to watch. This little guy absolutely adores sleeping! When he pulls the covers back over himself, you will laugh out loud because you have likely done this yourself! Each time the alarm goes off again, he reaches his little paw over and quickly presses snooze so he can snore again in dreamland. What a sweet puppy this little dog is! This is a video you need to send to your lazy friends so they can laugh. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.