A Cute Ermine Hiding In A Tree


Ordinarily, this animal is known as the Stoat but, it is referred to as ermine during winter when its coat is pure white. The animal is commonly found in Eurasia and North America, meaning that, most people have probably never seen or heard of the animal at all. In this video, you get a rare glimpse of nature’s beauty as you see the animal in its habitat, better yet in its pure white coat.
The ermine is hiding in a tree trunk where it has set up its residence in a warm safe location. Curious of the commotion outside its crib, it comes out and stares in the camera before retreating back inside the trunk. After doing this a couple of times, the cute animal realizes the visitor means no harm and it comes out for a longer period before going into hiding. It seems o be enjoying this game and in return, we get a clear view of the weasel.

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