Cute Little Kitten and the Water Balloons


If you love cute little kittens and bright balloons filled with water you will love this video. The cute little kitten starts off curious then is slightly alarmed, confused and curious again. The kitten finds out quickly these are not your average toys and doesn’t quite know what to make of it. Like all cats and kittens they have an aversion to water especially when it comes to a bath.

The kitten makes a second attempt to snatch a balloon and gets a mouthful of water, the kitten the retreats and knows she is outnumbered. Maybe the kitten figured out if she pops them all it will turn into a bath, you can almost see the kitten evaluating the situation.

The kitten wasn’t sure what he or she was getting into, was it fun or was it a trick? They say curiosity kills the cat, this one was going to get a surprise bath. Please Share this with your curious family and friends on Facebook.