Cute Little Otter Chews His Lettuce in Such an Adorable Way It Will Make You Smile


This sweet otter’s eating style will absolutely throw you into cuteness overload! As he chews each bite of lettuce, he eagerly throws his head back and makes the most adorable expression you have ever seen. Otters, are arguably, one of the most darling creatures on the planet. This little one has an eating style that makes him even cuter than his fellow otters. When you get one look at this sweet video, you are going to want to watch it again and again!

If you have had a bad day or week, this is sure to turn your spirits around. What better way to get over a dull and dreary day than to see this sweet creature munching to his heart’s content on simple lettuce! As he chews each bite, you will find yourself smiling more and more. Once you watch this video, do not be surprised if you quickly hit replay. Check out his cuteness and SHARE on Facebook!

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