Cute Little Panda Cub Absolutely Refuses to Let Go of His Ball


From the very beginning of this video, it is clear to see this panda cub absolutely loves his ball and wants to hold on to it for dear life! Although his caretakers try to get his attention, he is fully focused on the rubber cylinder he is playing with. This is one of those videos that is just so full of cuteness, you simply cannot look away! Watching this cute and furry bundle of bear play with his ball is so enchanting.

It is clear to see the San Diego Zoo is taking good care of this fat little bear! He seems to thoroughly enjoy his play time and does not even mind when the keepers are trying to check him. This exercise was carried out to test the bear’s coordination and make sure he is developing healthfully. It appears this little guy is not going to be willing to give up his ball anytime soon! Watch this adorable video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.